Restaurant Management Schools - A Recipe for Success....."I've always enjoyed preparing and sharing food with others, however, I didn't get serious about food service as a career until I had to research several careers as a high school project," says Carol Steffey, a 19-year-old double major in culinary arts and restaurant management at Vincennes University (Vincennes, IN). "Previously I thought I wanted to pursue acting and the dramatic arts, but I feel my choice is much more rewarding because I get to use all my creativity and still entertain."

Carol attests that an education at restaurant management schools -- or schools, such as Vincennes, which offer restaurant management programs -- will help to ensure your success in the industry. "Employers are always looking for educated, eager and trained professionals," she says. "Some places insist upon a degree [from restaurant management schools] while others will accept comparable work experience, but having a degree or some registered classes under your belt will set you apart from the crowd."

Carol has already made big steps toward her dreams. Recently, she was awarded a DiRoNA (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) scholarship -- worth $2,000 -- for her academic excellence and food service work experience (over 750 hours at the local Dairy Queen). "I think I won the scholarship because they were impressed with my ambition and work ethic," says Carol. "I am very passionate about the food service industry -- I want to do this for the rest of my life!"

But, she adds, it takes more than passion to be a true success. "My parents and family have taught me that you should earn your own rewards and that ethic has created a strong drive [in me] to excel. I dream big, but I don't let my dreams stay dreams. I work to make them a reality."

Check out the following tips from this aspiring chef:

o Get comfortable shoes! The restaurant business is not a normal 9-5 job -- you'll most likely be working ten to twelve hour days.

o Get cooking! There's no time like the present to start getting your hands dirty. Ask friends and family if you can try a new recipe on them or try serving mom and dad a nice meal for two. Friends and family make the best critics and they will most likely still eat your mistakes!

o Don't be afraid of hard work and don't get discouraged. Everyone has to start at the bottom before they can rise to the top. You may not begin work as the executive chef for a five star restaurant, but pay attention to those above you and work hard, and soon you'll climb the ranks.

o Do your research! There's a lot of history in this industry so crack open a few cookbooks, check out some chef biographies or research some favorite restaurants on the web. If an ingredient or name is used often, look it up. Familiarize yourself with the wonderful world of food and all its history.

If cooking is something you think you're cut out for full-time, then find out more about restaurant management schools and programs today!

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Food Service Management Careers...Today, getting a job that offers long time stability is impossible due to the economic conditions, thus the consumers are putting off buying luxury products. However, one cannot stop from eating, and so a career in food service management is sure to stay for long. Today it is more in demand compared to any other industrial job or service.

The most advantageous position in Food Service Management is that of a Manager. When we talk of Restaurants, sports complexes, prison kitchens or any other establishment which deal in cooking and serving food, a need for a manager who coordinates the business the operations related to the occupation and the human resource is a must. He is the one who communicates with the customers and makes sure that they are attended the best possible way. What appears to be the most challenging job of the manager is to hire, train and then retain good employees for the Food Service Industry.

Today, management careers in food service industry are very profitable and long term once you know the responsibilities of the service manager well and execute them accordingly. These responsibilities include:

* Maintaining Customer Relations: this means he has to make sure that guests are served in time and with good service.
* Keeping in check the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining areas to the set government standards.
* Maintaining safety standards and observing liquor laws.
* Ordering food, equipments and supplies.
* Track seating, inventory and the orders via computers.
* Supervision of assistant managers.
* Helping the chef to create successful food items.
* To recruit, hire, train, motivate and dismiss employees.
* Schedule work hours and to handle last minute changes.
* Managing any kind of banquet or catering operations.
* Invoicing and paying of bills.
* Processing paperwork like payroll, employment records and tax documentation.

And there are many other responsibilities too, as in long work hours and work scheduled on any day of a week, even holidays.

Schools and Degrees

Today, vocational schools, community colleges, universities and all are offering two to four years degrees in hospitality which are preferred by all the restaurants. Any kind of experience in this field can also pave your way to enter the food service career as practical experience is an essential part of such programs.

The curriculum of the degree offered by such colleges includes food preparation and planning, nutrition, accounting, sanitation, business management and law, culinary courses and computer science.

There are some basic requirements that need to be fulfilled by a person to be a food service manger. Firstly, a prior experience in restaurant or any food service joint, a two-year/four-year hospitality degree for national level restaurant chains.

In order to evaluate whether the chosen university is a good for the hospitality degree, remember few points:

* The reputation of the college or university,
* The conditions of the labs and the quality of equipments,
* Practical experience and exposure,
* Financial aid to the students and the expenses,
* The earlier graduates success rates.

This article entails about the excellent career opportunities by choosing career in wine, spirits and beverage management. There are more career options in culinary industry [http://www.culinaryschoolsu.com/careers] after earning associates or diploma degree to get into catering, food research & development, restaurant manager, teacher/instructor in culinary and much more.

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Deciding to Start a New Career in the Culinary Arts....If you are one of those who love spending time in preparing different foods or like to work with people in food decoration then making a career in culinary industry can surely be the most appropriate decision. In fact, the culinary industry can be the excellent place to start and make your living. If we talk about the scope and future prospects of this industry then we can easily see that it is emerging as one of the most preferred fields among young students. Starting from restaurants, private clubs, resorts, hotels, cruise lines, etc. you have numerous options to work as a chef, pastry chef, food preparation worker or restaurant and hotel managers.

Today as per the recent study done by the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics, the culinary industry symbolizes one of the top growing professional categories in the nation. In United States alone, there are near about 900,000 restaurant locations. Adding to this, the industry is also the prime source of daily more than 12.2 million employees. Apart from this, as per the recent observations made by some of the industry experts, the projected annual sales are growing at a good and steady rate of almost 5% a year, which is definitely better than many other industries. In addition to this, it is also estimated that by 2014, the restaurant industry will have need of other 1.5 million workers as chefs, caterers, food critics and restaurant managers. So if you are actually deciding to learn both classic and modern culinary techniques, kitchen management skills, and the multiplicity of culinary arts, its better you complete your culinary education and get your culinary degree today. While an associate culinary degree targets the fundamental skills and cuisine studies required for making a variety of foods, bachelor's degree on another hand provides the same foundation and management knowledge that in turns educates you for leadership in and beyond the kitchens and bakeshops.

You must understand that a culinary degree can provide you an advantage when it comes to getting yourself in at a high-end restaurant, even if you don't have a lot of practical experience. At a top culinary school, you actually gain knowledge of all the art and science behind the flavors and learn new skills required for working in the culinary field. You can know more about a wide variety of cuisines and different theories about foods. In fact, your culinary education at top culinary schools can help you gain the theoretical foundation of cooking as well as hands-on practical exposures in different major areas like:

Patisserie and Baking which teach you more about the baking arts in custards, breads, confections, etc.
Hospitality and Restaurant Management which provides you training in finances, management, and business operations
At the end, you decision of choosing a best culinary school also plays a very vital role. Therefore, before you select the culinary school make sure it has all of the following.

A proven history of high graduation and employment rates.
Alumna with successful careers along with smart salaries.
Good and successful alumni networks.
Today it might be very possible that the most respected or greatest chefs possibly have never enrolled themselves into a culinary school. They actually got their fame and positions due to their talent and good work, but yet it is important to understand that have a good knowledge of the field always pays you well. A proper training and education from a good and renowned culinary school can help you propel and enjoy to bigger opportunities in the future of culinary industry.

CulinarySchoolsU.com provides the opportunity to research and request free information culinary art schools and culinary colleges for potential students looking to start or expand their career in the culinary arts [http://www.culinaryschoolsu.com/careers].

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Restaurant Job Opening - Essential Information and Tips...The economy is on the revival and jobs opportunities are aplenty for the deserving.In such a scenario, experienced people generally do not find it hard to switch over to other jobs. It is the either the inexperienced candidates or teenagers looking for part time job options who find it a bit difficult to get employed. However, there is one industry which not only provides them and everyone else with employment, but also a rewarding long term career.

A Rewarding Industry for All:

The restaurant industry has always been the preferred choice of teenagers looking for part time employment in restaurants. That apart, this industry has now become a favored choice of well qualified people who now understand the huge growth prospects this industry offers. One can choose from a variety of position available in the restaurant business including the positions of chef, manager, waiter, bartender and many others. Every position requires a different educational experience, thereby suiting one and all.

The position of a chef would require one to have professional training. Previous experience is always a big plus while applying for this position. A hotel management degree would serve one well if he aspires to become a restaurant manager. Nowadays, various specialized courses are being run by educational qualifications which equip a student with relevant practical and theoretical knowledge. It is always best to enroll in these courses if one wants to make a careers in restaurants business.

If one has nothing more to show that basic education, he can still get a job in a restaurant. He can begin work as a dishwasher or a busboy and gradually make his way to the top. The best part is that after one accumulates work experience, he can even go on to become the manager of the restaurant with time.

Restaurant Job Search Websites:

Finding a suitable restaurant job opening has never been so easy. One can easily avail the services of specialized restaurant job search websites which provide the latest details of available jobs. One just needs to register to those websites for free and then avail their services. These websites will provide you with the list of available jobs on the basis of your preferred position, location and other aspects of the job.

ICU Servers provides platform where you can find the best kitchen staff jobs and offers first-rate employment in restaurants [http://www.icuservers.com] for various type of jobs available in restaurants. To get more details regarding restaurant job opportunities [http://www.icuservers.com], follow any of the links above.

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Careers in the Restaurant Industry - The Striking Advantages....Working in a restaurant draws rich approval from most people, especially the ones looking for a part time option. Like any other job, there are various advantages and disadvantages associated with this industry. However, on the whole the benefits and rewards of pursuing different careers in this industry overweight the drawbacks.

Listing the Advantages

The restaurant industry offers many benefits to all, be it a newcomer or an experienced person. The following are the benefits you get if you which to work in this business:

1. Jobs for All

The restaurant line is not beset by lack of positions. Anyone with just basic education to a degree holder from an esteemed college can suitably work here. Persons with lesser education can work as waiters, dishwashers, table cleaners or perform other similar roles. Moreover, as one gains experience, he can climb over to higher positions and attract a better pay package. For people with good education, they can work as restaurant manager, floor managers or other such management or executive positions.

2. Unaffected by Economic Fluctuations

Most industries felt a great impact due to the economic recession. The hospitality industry was among those who continued to grow throughout the economic mess. Anyone who is looking for a safe and secure career choice, the restaurant industry is one of the.

3. Not Location Specific

Whatever the place or location, there are bound to be restaurants. No matter where you live, you can easily find a restaurant and consequently a job. This means that you can do away with the problem of relocating when you get a job.

4. Experience over Education

Even if you are not highly educated, you can still command the highest available positions. This is so because this industry places higher emphasis on experience rather than theoretical education. Even if you start out as a waiter, you can still go on to become a manager as you gain more experience.

5. Vocational Courses

With the increase in restaurant job opportunities as well as the applicants, there are a lot of short time vocational courses on offer. These courses would help you move rapidly up the hierarchy and can somewhat compensate on the lack of job experience. A vocational course for the job of a waiter would inform you about the different related nuances of waiting. It would tell you on how to properly unscrew champagne, pour wine in a glass, greet customers and other such things.

Getting a Restaurant Job

You can now easily put an end to the time taking endeavor of a restaurant job search. All you need to do is to visit exclusive job websites which display only restaurant job openings. These websites would sometimes require you to sign up with them for free. After becoming a member, you can look out for jobs pertaining to your experience, location and salary expectations.

ICU Servers provides platform where you can find the best kitchen staff jobs and offers first-rate employment in restaurants [http://www.icuservers.com] for various type of jobs available in restaurants. To get more details regarding restaurant job opportunities [http://www.icuservers.com], follow any of the links above.

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